Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My baby is BIG!!!

I have been meaning to blog for awhile and everytime I sit down at the computer I get side-tracked... and if you know me that is no suprise!! :) Anyway, here is a little catch up of the last couple of weeks.

I took Easton to the Dr. on Thursday and he weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 2 oz.!! I was so surprised, I was not even expecting to be over the 9 lbs. mark. The nurse was surprised too when she looked at his charts because he had made such a huge jump from his 2 month. He was still 3 lbs. at that appointment. He is still in the 0% and will be for awhile, but an average 4 month old is 15 lbs. so he is catching up. Right now he has been practicing his smiles and coos. He is so funny, we will go get him from his crib and he will look up at us and give us the biggest grin.

From February
Then there is Dylan who has been picking up on words lately. He tries to be big like his sister and copy everything that she does and says. Their new favorite game is Hide and Seek. It is so cute to watch Dylan follow Kylee around and imitate her. She will ask, "Where is Daddy?" and then he will say the same thing after she does. He really loves to play with his sister!!!

For Valentines Day, Scott and I decided to stay home with the kids... We didn't like the idea of going out when everyone else was so we got some pizza and played hide and seek and then Scott and I watched a movie!! It was a great day that was low key and no stress, which made it an awesome day!!

These are pictures of the kids in shirts that my mom and dad gave them for V-day!! The kids loved them!! Dylan did so much that he wore his for two days and wouldn't let me take it off!!
(Kylee's is a ballerina and her dog dancing, Dylan's says, "Just give me snacks and no one gets hurt!" (which is so like Dylan), and Easton's says, "Handsome like Daddy".)
Thanks Mom & Dad!!
Picture must have been taken before Lunch. Not one smile...
From February

From February


Erin said...

Wow, he has gotten big. I was so surprised when we saw him the other day.

Emily said...

I am glad he is doing so well. I would not worry about those charts. They always worried about my Kenzi girl. She was 15 lbs 8 oz at a year. And she is just fine. It was so great to talk to you at church on sunday, we need to do that more often!

Kyle and Jess Thackeray said...

Wow, I must not have seen Easton for a long time, because he is HUGE! So cute! I love my neice and nephews SO much! They are so funny. Mom told me today how she plays alligators with Dylan, I was laughing so hard! They are all SO fun! Love ya! :)

The Benoits said...

I can't believe how "big" Easton is getting. 9lbs already!

Tina said...

The boy is finally plumping up!! Yay for Easton!
Love your blog and the background. Great minds think alike!!

I need some "Langford" kid time!

Cher said...

Awww look how big and healthy and just so cute he is!! Hi guys it's me Cheryl Allen! Add me to your blog and I'll do the same!! Your family is adorable and I love your blogspot!

Cher said...
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Rachel said...

Thanks for all your posts. I know we don't talk much but I love to come here and see how your sweet family is doing. We miss you.
- Rach and family

Miliu(iiiii)(Plurual for Milius) said...

He does look huge, for him!

Durrant said...

Yay, I am so glad that he is getting so big! It is so funny because Crew weighed 9lbs 10 oz when he was born! By the sounds of it, he will be giving Crew a run for his money before too much longer! Way cute pics!