Monday, April 13, 2009


It has been so long since I have posted and I am sorry... Things have been super busy and crazy at my house that I have barely had 2 seconds to sit down at the computer. And I also have pictures, but they are on the computer that is with Scott... so I will do pictures later.

Things have been great here in the Langford household.. Easton had his 6 month check-up two weeks ago and he is 10lbs. 13.5oz. Still small, but his Dr. isn't worried because he is parallel to the curve. Easton is in the 0% in height and weight and then his head measurement is 1% :) He has started to eat baby food... he so far loves what he has tried which is Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash...Easton loves to laugh and smile and is so much fun to have around.

Dylan is talking alot more and we have now started to potty train him. He is actually doing really well with that and likes to tell everyone that he went pee-pee. Dylan also likes to copy-cat us when we are talking. It is funny because Kylee will come in the room and ask me a question and Dylan is always right behind her saying what she says. He loves to tell jokes.. although he only has one joke that he says.. "Knock-Knock... Who's there? Bottle... Bottle who? Bottle!!" He thinks that it is really funny!!

Kylee is doing great.. she is getting really excited for her birthday and has been asking for 3 months now when will it be her birthday! She is such a good big sister to her brothers and likes that I can trust her to help out with Easton.. such as feeding him a bottle and keeping him happy if I can't get to him.

Scott and I are doing great!! Real Estate has been slow, but things are starting to pick up a little with the buyers now that the weather is warming up... And while it has been slow, Scott decided to get back into school and finish his degree. He says he should be done end of Fall if he takes classes this summer. :) I have started to watch a couple of kids which has actually been good for me... I am just glad that I am able to help out. Well that is it for now.. I will try to post some pictures when I am on the other computer.


Megan Campbell Carter said...

Glad you're still alive and that Easton is doing well!

Jana and Family said...

good to know things are going so good for you guys. I am amazed that Scott can go back to school and you can still survive without going crazy! You're amazing!

The Flitton's said...

You are too busy!!! I'm glad Easton is doing well. I love the knock knock jokes. Connor still does that and they make no sense - which make them even better! I'm glad the Langford family is alive and well.